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How to Book Appointments for a Member
How to Book Appointments for a Member
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You must have Financial Admin - Limited Access, Bookings Admin - Full Access, and Superusers access to do this.

  1. In the side menu, click Bookings > Bookings Admin.

  2. Click the booking title.

  3. Click Book Appointments.

  4. If the member/account is not created, click New Member or New Account, fill out the information, and click Save.

  5. Locate the member and click Select.

  6. Using the calendar feature, select the days and check the box for the start time.

  7. When finished, click Add.

  8. If all the appointments have the same payment plan and method, check all the appointments and select the payment plan, payment method, and email receipt. Click Update to apply.

  9. If each appointment has a different payment plan or method, select the payment plan and payment type per Appointment slot.

    • To waive the booking fee, select No Payment Needed.

  10. Click Save.

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