Bookings FAQ
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Can an appointment be booked for more than one family and/or member?

Not at this time. We are working towards adding this capability in the future.

Can I change the payment plan for a booked appointment?

The payment plan cannot be changed for a booked appointment. You will need to cancel the appointment and rebook it using the desired payment plan.

Can I apply discounts or coupons to a booking?

Not at this time. We are working towards adding this capability in the future.

If I cancel an appointment, will the money be refunded to the member?

The money is not automatically refunded. If your business policy is to refund the money, you will need to manually issue a refund or a credit.

Can I register for a class and book an appointment at the same time?

Yes! Once you have added a booking to the shopping cart, navigate to class registration to add a class to your shopping cart. When you are ready to checkout, click the My Shopping Cart icon.

Am I able to change my instructor on a booking?

Once the booking is created, the instructor cannot be changed. You would need to cancel the existing booking and appointments and create a new booking with the new instructor.

Who can set up and manage bookings?

Only Admins with bookings access can manage bookings. We are working towards additional privileges for the future.

Click here to learn more about access levels.

Can I move a member to a different appointment?

No. You would need to create a new appointment and cancel the appointment they can no longer attend.

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