What Happens if an ACH Payment Fails?
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Helpful Tip! Use Billing Manager Filters to view overdue accounts or Accounts without payment methods on file to communicate and collect your money faster!

When a credit card or ACH transaction is rejected, the reason given almost always comes from the account holder’s bank, and we simply pass it along.

The account will show a red notification under the CC/ACH Column when a payment fails on the assigned due date.

Click the row with the failed transaction to open the Account’s ledger. Once the ledger is open, the reason for the failed payment is displayed at the top of the screen.

When a transaction fails, there's an attempt to rerun the payment two days after the initial failure. If, after the third attempt, the payment is still unsuccessful, the past due charge will remain on the account until either the card is updated or next month's dues are collected.

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