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How to Add a Credit Card or ACH to Account in Your Wallet
How to Add a Credit Card or ACH to Account in Your Wallet
Updated over a week ago

Many organizations allow you to add a Credit Card or ACH (bank draft) to your profile for payments. This makes it more convenient for you and the organization, as it will automatically charge your card or bank account any month when fees are due. To add to your secure profile,

  1. Sign in to the website.

  2. Click My Account> Account Info > Payment Setup OR My Account > Set Up Autopay in the side menu.

  3. Click Add New Card or Add Bank Account.

  4. Fill in the credit card or bank account details. The Copy From Account Info button speeds up the process.

  5. When finished, click Save.

  • On-Demand Payments: Added electronic payment methods will automatically be assigned as the preferred option for on-demand payments. You can elect what payment option you would like to use for on-demand payments if you have more than one. You must have one electronic payment option selected for on-demand payments if one is in your wallet.

  • Auto-Payments: You can select which option to use for auto-pay. You can enable this by toggling on the enroll in auto-pay. Once enrolled, you can select the option for auto payments. Enroll in auto-pay to ensure your posted charges are paid automatically, saving time and eliminating possible late fees.

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