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SportsEngine Single Sign On FAQs
SportsEngine Single Sign On FAQs
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Why do I need a SportsEngine Account?

Accounts must have an SE account to sign in. If the user was migrated or has previously signed in with an SE Account, the SportsEngine Motion account will be connected. If needed, administrators may trigger a secondary migration by clicking "Email Login Instructions" on the account's profile screen.

How do I log in to my SE Account?

Upon logging in, you will be redirected to the SportsEngine login screen. Use your SportsEngine email address and password to log in to your SportsEngine Motion account.

I have an SE Account, but it is not the same as my typical login. How do I sync my accounts?

Please reach out to support to sync your accounts. Click here to view the steps.

How do I check if a SE Account is associated with an Account?

You can check an account's status from your Account Manager Admin Section.

  1. Click Org Tools > Accounts from the left navigation menu.

  2. Search for the account you'd like to check.

  3. To the right of the account, under Email Valid, linked email addresses are displayed with a green checkmark. Email addresses that are not linked will have a red X.

  4. For those not yet linked, click on the person's name. You can trigger a migration by clicking Email Login Instructions > Click Again to Confirm.

Can I update an account/member's name or log in?

If the account/member has not yet claimed their SportsEngine Account, you can edit their name/login from their profile's Account Information.

How can users update their information, such as name and email address?

If the user has claimed their SportsEngine Account, they must edit their information by logging into their SportsEngine account. Click here to view the steps.

Best Practices to Help Users Register

Help users register by customizing the New Account Landing pages by:

  1. Click Business Tools > Org Profile & Settings in the left-hand navigation panel,

  2. Click the General Setup tab and scroll to the New Account Landing Page.

  3. If needed, adjust the Landing Page Text toggle to Custom.

  4. Under Sign In Class Registration Button Label, Sign In Booking Registration Button Label and/or Sign In Comp Registration Button Label, set the toggle to Show and replace the default text with one or more of the examples below.

    • Register Here

    • Class Registration

    • Season Registration

    • Book an Appointment

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