QuickBooks Setup
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  1. In "SportsEngine Motion," set up your charge categories.

    • You must match exactly the Motion Charge Category with your QuickBooks one. If you have a spelling error, it must exist on both systems.

  2. In "QuickBooks," set up a matching chart of accounts.

  3. In "SportsEngine Motion," use non-recurring charges or credits to carry any balances.

  4. In "QuickBooks," zero out all invoices related to the team on your QuickBooks side after you bring those balances into the SportsEngine Motion system. This process will close the accounting side for receivables on QuickBooks and begin them on SportsEngine Motion.

  5. On the 1st of every month, SportsEngine Motion generates your IIF file to download into your QuickBooks.

  6. In "SportsEngine Motion," click Business Tools > Export for QuickBooks to locate the desired IFF file. Click the file to download it.

  7. Import your IIF file into QuickBooks.

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