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Mobile: How to View and Manage Point of Sale Orders
Mobile: How to View and Manage Point of Sale Orders
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The Sale Order Detail provides information about orders placed within the Point of Sale system, including:

  • The order number.

  • Name, address, and phone number of the purchaser.

  • The date the order was placed, the payment method, the admin who made the sale, and any notes regarding the payment.

  • The items associated with the order.

  • The subtotal, including discounts and tax.

  • The total amount charged and payment method.

  • The due date, if applicable.

The Sale Order Detail also allows you to make returns or email a copy of the receipt.

How to View the Sale Order Detail

  1. From the upper left-hand corner, tap the hamburger icon.

  2. Tap Point of Sale > Orders.

  3. Choose the proper location and filter or search to find the desired order(s).

  4. Tap the order you'd like to view.

How to Process a Return

  1. Find the item to be returned from the Sale Order Detail.

  2. Tap the Return check box, and select or add a reason. Tap Save.

  3. Tap Process Refund.

  4. Review the Return Summary and tap Process Return.

    • The product shows "Returned" and the reason within the Sale Order Detail.

    • A red "R" appears to the right of the order number on both the Sale Order Detail and the Point of Sale Orders screen.

How to Send an Email Receipt

  1. Tap the Email button from the Sale Order Detail at the bottom.

  2. Select the desired file type(s).

  3. Enter the email address(s) you'd like to send the receipt.

  4. Tap Send.

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