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Mobile: How to Add a Charge (US)
Mobile: How to Add a Charge (US)
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How to Add an Individual Charge

  1. From the left navigation menu, tap Membership > Billing Manager.

  2. Locate the account to which you want to add a charge item.

  3. Tap the name to go to the individual ledger or tap on the actions icon.

  4. Tap + Charge.

  5. Enter the charge title and note.

  6. If you need to update the date, tap the pencil icon and choose a new due date.

  7. Tap + Charge Item.

  8. Enter the charge item's information.

  9. Charges, Discounts, and Coupons will all work as they do on the web.

    • Charges will add an amount due to the user. You must have a charge before applying a discount or coupon.

    • Discounts subtract an amount from the balance. You can create them as a percentage or a dollar amount.

    • Coupons will subtract a dollar amount from the balance.

  10. To edit a charge item, tap the specific item.

    • You can also delete an item.

  11. When finished, tap Create to add to the account without making a payment, or tap Create & Pay. and follow the payment processing.

How to Add a Charge In Bulk

  1. From the left navigation menu, tap Memberships > Billing Manager.

  2. Select the accounts you'd like to add the charge to.

  3. Tap Bulk Actions > Bulk Post Charges from the lower right corner.

  4. Enter a title, description, due date, and charge details.

  5. Select whether or not this charge will immediately process for those with electronic payments set up. You may also waive the electronic processing fees.

  6. When satisfied, tap Post Charges.

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