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How to Link to a Submenu in the Top Times Report
How to Link to a Submenu in the Top Times Report
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You must have Admin Level - Webmaster access to link a submenu.

Having the top times report appear in a submenu is a two-step process. First, you will create a top times tab, copy the URL, hide it, then create a sub-tab and link to it. Second, you will publish the times to the hidden tab.

Step 1: Create and Hide the Tab, then Link the Sub-Tab

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Website Design.

  2. Click the Site Navigation overlay.

  3. Click + Add Tab.

  4. Label it something like Top Times.

  5. For Tab Content, select Custom Page.

  6. Click + Add New Page.

  7. Give it the same Page Title.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Set Show on-site navigation? to YES.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Scroll down if needed to find the new tab.

  12. Click the Link to copy the URL.

  13. Hover over the tab where you want to add the sub-tab and click its +.

  14. Enter the desired Tab Label (must be different from the one in step 4).

  15. For Tab Content, select Link (not Links).

  16. In the URL field, paste the URL you copied in step 12.

  17. Click Save.

  18. Click Close.

Step 2: Publish Top Times on Hidden Tab

  1. Click Events & Competition > Time Reports from the left navigation menu.

  2. Click the Top Times By Event link.

  3. Fill in the necessary parameters.

  4. In the bottom right, click Report Now!

  5. Click the --SELECT ONE TAB-- dropdown and select the hidden one you created in the first set of steps (Top Times).

  6. Click the Snapshot & Overwrite a [USER_DEFINED] Tab button.

  7. Click OK to confirm you want to overwrite the contents.

  8. Close the confirmation window that appears.

  9. The sub-tab will now link to the times you published.

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