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Parents: Set up fundraising for your athlete
Parents: Set up fundraising for your athlete
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Event Fundraising is easy to set up for each individual athlete. You should have received a launch letter from your administrator with a link that will bring you directly to your setup page. If you have not received this, select the fundraising banner to access the setup.

1 - Fundraiser Information - This area has been set up by your Administrator. It gives information about the fundraiser including the date, time, tax number if applicable, location, contact, and phone number.

2 - More Information - This is an expandable feature that is viewable to yourself and any potential donors. Select it for more information on the fundraiser.

3 - Participant Area - Once logged in, all of your athletes will appear in this dropdown. Select the athlete to begin the setup of their profile. The public will be able to select the athlete and the corresponding please donate button to ensure they donate to the athlete of their choice. The current donation total and dollar place on the team will be viewable.

4 - Setup Tab - Select this tab to set up each child. This tab is viewable to logged-in parents and allows for individualized setup for each athlete.

5 - Promote - Select this tab to promote the fundraising event.

6 - Help Video - Select this for a video guide of the setup process.

7 - Participant Information - Select the fundraising goal, laps to complete (if applicable), shirt size, and display name. Actual laps will be added by the administrator.

8 - Message to be posted on my Profile tab - Select a pre-templated message that you can edit by using the template drop-down or type into the text box to create one. The message will appear on the profile page to potential donors.

9 - Photo Upload - Upload both the swimmer’s profile picture and additional pictures to help show off some of the athlete's achievements, hobbies, strokes, etc. The site also comes with some great pre-loaded pictures. Simply select the library in your options.

  • The best way to get the athlete involved is to have them help set up their profile. When kids take ownership of the fundraising, it becomes important and exciting to watch their goals being reached. Swim teams rely on this money to be better clubs and help the athlete be an all-around stronger athlete. Use the pictures to represent the athlete and to show the donor what type of person and swimmer they are.

1 - Social Networking - Enter the Facebook and Twitter URLs to help market this fundraising event. Don’t forget to leave the http:// in the field before you enter your

  • Facebook and Twitter are proven marketing outlets that let friends and family know the kids are working hard to raise money for a great sport.

2 - Lane Progression Goal Marker - Keep an eye on your lane line to see how close your team is to meet the goal amount.

3 - Top Earners - Keep an eye on this area to see who are the top earners based on different criteria.

4 - Save - Click Save to ensure all of the work done is saved. The My Profile tab displays the results.

1 - Easy Import (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL) - Use this to easily log in to a personal e-mail account and pull a current email list into the promotion tool.

2 - Manual Add - Click Manual Add to update the e-mail list.

3 - Remove - Place a checkmark in the box to the left of the First Name column header and click Remove to delete that e-mail account.

4 - Current list of e-mails that have not been sent an invitation (see 6).

5 - Save - Click to save this current list only. No e-mail will be sent.

6 - Save and Send Invitation - Click to send an e-mail invitation to the potential donors.

1 - Donor E-mails - This area lists the potential donors that were selected in the Enter E-mail screen previously.

2 - Member Participant - Select the athlete that this e-mail is referencing.

3 - Reply to Name/Reply to E-mail - The system will automatically pull the account name and e-mail into these fields. The e-mail will be sent from this name/e-mail address and any replies will be sent to the e-mail noted.

4 - Pick Template - Use the arrow drop-down to select a pre-templated e-mail created which you can edit, or leave on -Select- to create a custom e-mail to be sent to potential donors.

  • The templates are a great way to reach potential sponsors. This feature will bring in your account names, team information, and other data automatically. Select a template and look for the bold lettering. This usually means it is bringing in data from the fundraising system.

5 - E-mail body - Fill in the Subject and E-mail body. Use the e-mail formatting options to add formatting.

6 - E-mail NOW - Don’t forget to e-mail this out by clicking E-mail NOW.

1 - Social Tab - Click Social to access the share link functionality.

2 - Share - Click Share to open the Share Link button to add this fundraising event to a Facebook page.

1 - All Donors (this event) - Use this filter selection to show All Donors (this event), Not Donated (this event), or Donated (this event).

  • Use the e-mail function to send a thank you letter to all of your donors. Use the filter option All Donors (this event), and select all.

2 - All Donors (ever) - Use this filter to show All Donors (ever), Not Donated (ever), or Donated (ever).

3 - Add New - Click this button to add a new E-mail address to the invite list.

4 - Delete Selected - Place a checkmark to the left of one or multiple e-mail accounts and click Delete Selected to remove.

5 - E-mail accounts - This screen shows all e-mail accounts that have been sent a fundraising e-mail from this module.

6 - Donor this event/Donor ever - These columns will show an N (no) or a Y (Yes) to quickly denote who has or has not donated either by event or lifetime.

7 - E-mail Selected - Place a checkmark to the left of one or many accounts and click E-mail Selected to send a pre-templated e-mail or user-defined e-mail.

1 - Financial Area - This summary area displays any offline donations made but not approved, the total amount raised (offline plus any amount donated through the site), and the number of supporters.

  • Show the athlete this area to build excitement and pride in what they are accomplishing. The comments show them just how much support they have.

2 - Add Offline Donor - Use this button to add a donor who does not go through the site to donate money. This functionality only allows cash or checks, and will not be considered official dollars raised until the administrator approves it.

3 - Donor Information - All donor information regarding financials shows including any comments left during the donation.

4 - Export - Click Export to create an Excel spreadsheet with all donor information including Donor name, participant receiving the donation, Account name, and donor financial information.

5 - Keep Promoting - This option will bring an invite list.

1 - Participant Incentive Information - This area includes the participant's name, and how they rank and shows any other of their participating siblings in black.

  • Show the athlete this area so they can quickly see where they are compared to other teammates.

2 - Incentive Levels - All incentive levels set up by your administrator will be viewable. Simply click View All to see how they compare with others.

1 - Incentives - All incentives available for this fundraiser will be viewable in this area. The participant is able to see the number of days left, the name of the incentive, $ to the next level, and all information to understand the incentive levels.

  • Incentives are a great way for the athlete to see the results of their efforts. It’s a great way for the team to say thank you for their efforts!

1 - My Event Fundraising - Click to access the event fundraising management section.

2 - Filters - Set filters to search for specific donor information. Search for fundraiser-specific donors or even donations over a lifetime. Once the filters are set, click Search.

3 - Financial Summary - View the financial results based on the filters.

4 - Delete Not Approved - Place a checkmark next to a donor that was not approved by the administrator and click Delete Not Approved. This function can be used, for example, if a donor did not supply the check or cash amount as decided upon through the Offline Donation function.

5 - E-mail Receipt - Place a checkmark next to a donor(s) and click E-mail Receipt to send them the donation receipt to the e-mail on file. The donor will receive an automatic receipt e-mail when they make their donation.

6 - Export - Click to export to Excel all donor and participant information.

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