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Class Registration and Shopping Cart FAQ's
Class Registration and Shopping Cart FAQ's
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For a downloadable version of the Class Registration and Shopping Cart FAQs, click HERE.

How long are items available in my shopping cart and what happens when my cart items are removed?

The shopping cart times out after 20 minutes and removes items from the cart to make them available to others. This means that if you leave the shopping cart for 20 minutes or more, the cart will be cleared. If the item that was removed from the cart sells out, you may be placed on a waiting list if one is available.

How do I edit my cart once I am on the Confirm page?

Click the Back button in the lower right-hand corner to edit the items in your cart, or click Assign Members to make changes.

How do I see the items that make up my cart’s total?

Click the "i" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the checkout page next to the dollar amount.

Why does the class price differ from what I thought it would be?

If there is more than one pricing option available, the default pricing option will be assigned. During checkout, from the "Assign Members" page, users can select the payment plan that works for them.

Can I Delete My Cart and Start Over?

On the bottom right-hand side of the checkout flow, click Discard > Discard and Start Over to remove everything in the cart.

How Can I Print an Agreement for a Class?

From the agreements page in the shopping cart flow, click View Agreements... > Print.

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