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How to View a Snapshot of Low Inventory
How to View a Snapshot of Low Inventory
Updated over a week ago

Inventory Alerts will display an SKU when the current inventory quantity is less than the total unit sales for the prior seven days.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Point of Sale > Home.

  2. From the upper right-hand corner, choose the Store Location.

  3. The bottom right card contains the top inventory alerts, including:

    • The item name.

    • The SKU.

    • The number of items left in stock.

  4. To add inventory or mark items as "Sold Out", to the right of the item you'd like to manage, click +/-.

  5. Select "Sold Out" ---OR--- enter a quantity, and select or add a new reason for the change from the dropdown.

  6. Click Save to update.

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