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How to Update Times for Committed Athletes
How to Update Times for Committed Athletes
Updated over a week ago

You must have Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar access to update times for committed athletes.

Typically, you will want to update entry times during a results import. Here are some reasons why you will want to update via the Committed Athletes tab instead:

  • You downloaded a new results file without using the update best times during result import (see link above).

  • Meet Results were released from a TouchPad meet via TU Sync.

  • An athlete wasn't connecting to some of their times due to an incorrect ID in their results, and you had to use Merge ID to fix the results.

  • You edited the event file in the system with a new Course Order or "Use Date Since" date.

Following these instructions will update ALL TIMES; if Athlete and Event selections are made, they will be IGNORED.

  1. Click Events & Competition > Team Events from the left navigation menu.

  2. To the right of the desired event, click Edit Commitment.

  3. Click the Committed Athletes tab.

  4. Click the Update Times link under the "Export" section.

  5. From here, you have three options:

    • Reset Entry Times ONLY for Meet-Events NOT Approved

    • Reset Entry Times for ALL Meet-Events

    • DO NOT Overwrite hand-entered times--this is checked by default; only uncheck if you want to overwrite them.

  6. When you've made your selections, click Update Times NOW!

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