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Getting Results From Swim England
Getting Results From Swim England
Updated over a week ago

If a club does not have the results in HyTek Team Manager, they can export results in an SDIF format through the Club Rankings software obtained through the Rankings Department at Swim England.

If a club does not have the Club Rankings Software, contact the rankings department at SwimEngland at [email protected] to request a copy. A Club Name and Membership Number are required.

First, request a copy from [email protected] or [email protected], which will provide a license key. From here, clubs can download results files meet by meet.

Installing Club Rankings

  1. Install the MySQL Connector.

  2. After installing the MySQL connector, install the Club Rankings software.

  3. License details are required when starting the Club Rankings software for the first time.

    • The required details are Licensed Organisation, Licensed Meet Code, Licensed Club Code, Customer Code, and License Key.

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