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Costume Management FAQ
Costume Management FAQ
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How does Auto-Sizer work?

The auto-sizer uses the girth measurement to recommend a size. If there is more than one size that matches, the largest size is assigned.

Example: Girth is 57. XXL Child, XS Adult, and S Adult all support 57 for a girth. Auto-Sizer assigns the largest size, S Adult.

Disclaimer: Since vendors can change size charts without notice, it's imperative to ensure the correct costume size is being ordered. We strive to keep sizing data accurate, but we are not responsible for costume orders.

Is it possible to assign a different size than what is indicated in the Order Size field?

Yes. Within Costume Assignment, the Order Size field is populated based on the auto-sizer. Sizes can be overridden by entering the preferred sizes, providing the flexibility to size up or down, or indicating unique sizes not detected by the auto-sizer.

What does indicating "Order" on a class's Costume Assignment do?

Marking a member as Ordered transfers the information to the Costume Dashboard, the Class Ordering Report, and the Auto-Sizer Report. These reports are used to order costumes from the vendor.

Why is a member disabled on Costume Assignment?

The member is disabled from making changes once the costume is marked “Ordered” from the costume dashboard or within costume assignment. This prevents double ordering and ensures the correct size is being ordered. If a change is needed, uncheck “Ordered” on the Costume Dashboard and edit the information.

How do I set what measurements are required for each member?

Within Class Admin > Settings > Sizes select what measurements should be completed for a member's sizing to be complete. The member's sizing status will stay as ‘Not Completed” until all required measurements are completed. Note: You can always override the logic and manually mark a member as “Complete” or “Not Needed".

In Auto-Sizer Report, what does “Only show my vendors" mean?

When the Only show my Vendors option is selected, the report displays “Custom Vendors” which were created manually in Class Admin > Settings > Costume Vendors.

Why is delete costume and/or post charge disabled?

  • Delete: Costumes cannot be deleted when a charge has been posted for the costume, or if the Costume Dashboard shows the costume as ordered.

  • Post Charge: Typically disabled if the item is set to $0.

What do the sizing statuses mean?

  • Not Complete: Sizes that were indicated as “required” via Class Admin > Settings > Sizes have not been populated with sizing data.

  • Not Needed: Note that the member’s sizing is not needed, even if all the required sizes are populated.

  • Completed: All required sizes have been populated with data.

  • Not Sized: no measurements have been captured for a member.

Can an Admin or Parent change the sizing status?

Admins can override the sizing status, and make it not needed.

  • If the status is Not Needed the status can be changed to Completed. The system will review the captured sizes, and apply the correct status – either Completed, Not Needed, or Not Sized.

Parents cannot edit the sizing status.

If a member’s size/measurement is deleted or edited, are all areas of the system updated?

Yes – upon deleting or editing a member’s size/measurement, anywhere the member’s size/measurement appears is updated with the new data.

If the member has a costume marked as ordered, the costume’s size is not updated to ensure there is proper tracking of the size/measurement ordered.

Does a member’s sizing created in their Org Profile appear within the Costume feature?

Not at this time, they are currently not affiliated in any way.

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