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Lessons: Customize the Program Registration Bar(s)
Lessons: Customize the Program Registration Bar(s)
Updated over a week ago

On the Lessons signup page, you can customize the font color, font, and size of the registration bar(s) at the bottom to make them as blatant or subtle as you need. This is helpful when there is a lot of text on the page. There are two ways you can customize them.

Edit From Website Design

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Website.

  2. Navigate to the "Lesson" section, scroll to the "Lesson Bar Title" and click Edit.

  3. Next to the "Lesson Bar Title", click the Color Selector to change the font color.

  4. Change the properties you want.

    1. We recommend high-contrast colors for the text vs. the bar color to keep it readable.

  5. Click Save.

Edit From Lesson Admin

  1. In the side menu click Classes & Lessons > Lesson Admin.

  2. In the second row of tabs click Program.

  3. Click a Program name (not the check box).

  4. Change the properties you want.

    • Note the Lesson Bar Title (what the users see) can be different than the Program Title.

    • Follow the same guidelines as above.

  5. Click Save Changes.

You can customize each bar, but take care to keep them attractive by either being consistent with each one or choose complementary colors. Someone with graphic design knowledge can help.

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