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Lessons: How to Pay Additional Charges
Lessons: How to Pay Additional Charges
Updated over a week ago

Charges cannot be paid on the account invoice screen or by viewing the account balance. To pay an additional charge:

  1. In the side navigation click Team Admin > Lesson Admin.

  2. Click Acnts/Revenue tab.

  3. Search for the desired account.

  4. Click View link under the Charge/Credit column.

  5. Under the Invoice #, click [Pay Balance] link.

  6. From here you can either enter a credit card or check payment.

    • To pay by credit card, leave Payment Type as Credit Card.

      • Click Add/Select Card.

      • Select an existing valid card or click Add New Card, and fill in the details.

      • Click Save.

    • If you change Payment Type to Check, enter the Check #.

  7. In both cases, click Pay NOW and OK to confirm.

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