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Lessons: How to Create/Add a Multi-Class Discount
Lessons: How to Create/Add a Multi-Class Discount
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Some programs like giving a discount to students who sign up for multiple classes to encourage greater participation. There are two parts to this.

Part 1: Define discounts

  1. From the left navigation menu click Classes & Lessons > Lessons Admin.

  2. Click the Edit button located on the bottom right.

  3. Under the Discounts section, set the Multi-Classes Discount (Per Reg and Per Student) to YES. This will open the Multi-Classes Discount table.

  4. First select the Chart of Accounts (CoA) to apply the discount to by clicking the [Pick] link, then clicking the Select button next to the desired CoA.

  5. Next click the Add button. This will open the Add Multi-Discount dialog.

    Add Multi-Discount

  6. You will typically set the From and To values the same, because it splits the discount among all the classes.

  7. Select whether you want a flat Dollar Amount discount or Percentage discount and enter the value to discount the classes by accordingly.

  8. Click Ok when finished.

  9. If you make a mistake or need to change one, you will need to select it with its checkbox, click Remove, then re-Add it again.

  10. Repeat this procedure to produce a discount schedule based on the number of classes a Student is signing up for.

  11. Once you have finished entering all your discounts, click Save Changes.

Part 2: Apply discounts to Subprograms

Next you must choose the Subprograms that will participate in these multi-class discounts. This gives you the flexibility to exclude certain classes from being discounted. Any classes that use the selected Subprograms will automatically use the defined discounts when applicable.

  1. Click the SubProg tab in the lower row of tabs.

  2. Put a check mark next to the subprogram(s) that will have these charges applied to them.

  3. Click the Discount Multi-Setup button.

  4. Click the Multi-Classes Discount drop down and select YES-Participates.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Note that the discount comes off of the Class Fee (including those set to charge monthly) and NOT the Registration Fee Per Class.

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