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Lessons: How to Prorate Class Fees
Lessons: How to Prorate Class Fees
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Prorating allows an Account, who signs up for a class after it starts, to pay only for the remaining classes. You may factor no-class days into the mix if desired. Here is how it calculates the fee. Note that prorating ONLY affects the Class Fee; it does not affect registration fees, multi-student or multi-class discounts, or coupons.

Suppose we have a two month class that meets Thursdays with a Class Fee of $200.00.

November and December calendar

The Class setup (Classes & Lessons > Lesson Admin > Classes > click class name) looks like this:

Lessons Class Fees and No Class Days

First, the total number of lessons in a class is determined, then the Class Fee is divided by the number of classes to determine the price per class, regardless of any no-class days, such as Thanksgiving. This is always the case, even if we prorate on no-class days. In the above example there are nine total classes. So $200/9 = $22.22 per class (we are rounding off, but SwimOffice includes fractions of a cent in its calculations).

If a person signs up on Nov. 12, there would be seven classes left. $22.22 * 7 = $155.54 class fee.

Note we set Thanksgiving, 10/23, as a No Class Day. If we set Prorate on "No Class Days" to Yes, then the initial class fee will be $200/9 * 8 classes = $177.78. If again a person signs up on Nov. 12, there would be six classes left. $200/9 * 6 = $133.33 class fee.

What if we set Charge Class Fee Monthly to Yes?

In the above example it will charge $200 each month on the 1st, and it will calculate the price per class monthly based on the number of classes in that single month. So in November it's $200/5 = $40 per class, whereas in December it's $200/4 = $50/class.

If we prorate on no-class days, in Nov. it will charge $200/5 * 4 = $160. If a person signs up on Nov. 12, there would be two classes left, so they would get charged $40 * 2 = $80, but in Dec. they would get charged the full $200.00. If they leave a class in the middle of the month and want a partial refund, you will need to manually refund that portion if you choose.

If a person uses a coupon, the coupon discount is a percentage and the class fee is prorated, it will apply the discount to the prorated amount, NOT the full price.

One important note is that our prorating is generally designed for those who sign up late. If a monthly class ends in the middle of the month and you don’t want to charge the entire month, do the following.

  1. Set the Class End date to the last day of the month, NOT the last class date.

  2. Set Prorate Class Fee to Yes.

  3. Set Prorate on "No Class Days" to Yes.

  4. Add No Class Days for the dates you will not meet the rest of the month.

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