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Lessons: How to Set Up a Class for Recurring Monthly Billing
Lessons: How to Set Up a Class for Recurring Monthly Billing
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TU Lessons platform has a monthly billing function that will bill on the first of every month. The charge will be the Class Fee less any discounts set up in the discount portion (Sys tab > System > Edit).

  1. From the left navigation menu click Classes & Lessons > Lessons Admin.

  2. Click Classes tab.

  3. Click Add New.

  4. Fill in all information relevant to class creation.

  5. Click Charge Class Fee Monthly drop down and select Yes. Note that only the Class Fee gets charged monthly; never any other fees like Registration Fee Per Class.

    Charge Class Fee Monthly and Prorate settings
  6. Pay careful attention to prorating. If you set Prorate Class Fee to Yes and you allow students to join in the middle of a month, the system will charge them the remainder of the month and then monthly bill on the first. If it's set to No, the same student will be charged the full monthly fee at checkout and the same monthly fee on the first.

  7. If the class ends in the middle of the month and you don’t want to charge the entire month, do the following.

    • Set the Class End date to the last day of the month.

    • Set Prorate Class Fee to Yes.

    • Set Prorate on "No Class Days" to Yes.

    • Add No Class Days for the dates you will not meet for the rest of the month.

  8. Also, note that the system only prorates the Class Fee; never Multi-Classes Discount, Multi-Students Discount or any other discount functionality.

  9. Click Save Changes.

Billing Management

Recurring billing management is done in Acnts/Revenue tab.

Monthly Simulation Rpt and Monthly Rpt buttons
  • Click Monthly Simulation Rpt to do the following.

    • Print NOW! or export the report to Excel

    • View what will be billed on the first and discounts that will be applied

    • Change Payment Method used to pay for monthly fees

    • Change CC used to pay for monthly fees

  • Click Monthly Rpt to

    • Search for and view any prior month's billing

    • Print NOW! the list

    • Refund a check or CC payment

    • Fix a failed CC payment by clicking Add/Change CC

  • Lesson recurring billing does not send out any reminder notices.

  • Accounts can view their current and past invoices in: My Account > My Account > Swim Lessons tab.

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