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OnDeck Admin: How to Manage Upcoming & Past Events
OnDeck Admin: How to Manage Upcoming & Past Events
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OnDeck lets you commit and approve athletes in events, manage jobs, and time athletes and relay teams in races. Access by tapping the Hamburger icon > Events > Events & Meet Entries. Below is a detailed description of each button.

UPCOMING Events tab

Upcoming Meets
  1. The CATEGORY FILTER shows all categories by default (defined in meet setup); toggle any on/off.

  2. Tap EDIT to hide and unhide events. You may want to do this to prevent parents from seeing what events you are assigning their athletes to, or for a board of directors meeting. Select one or more meets, then tap HIDE (if the meet is not hidden) or PUBLISH (if the meet is hidden) at the bottom, confirm you want to hide or publish the event(s), and finally, tap DONE.

    Hide event
  3. Tap a meet to see its details.

  4. The four green buttons at the top take you to the screens described below.

  5. If the Meet Location is defined (halfway down under MEET INFO), tap the Map icon on the right to search for the location in the device’s maps app.

  6. For TouchPad meets, tap the TouchPad Live link to see real-time results.

  7. Tap one of these four buttons to do the following:

    • DECLARE (or COMMITMENT) — Enter your own kids into the meet, just like parents.

    • ENTRIES —Manage events by an athlete, athletes in each event, and relay teams.

    • JOBS — Manage jobs tied to this meet.

    • RUN — Run the meet and time races, which we cover in the next lesson.

PAST Events tab

Past Events
  • Same interface as the UPCOMING tab.

  • The default date range is three months in the past; change as needed.

  • Tap an event name for more details.

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