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Team Billing: Inc & Pay Sum Report
Team Billing: Inc & Pay Sum Report
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The Income and Payment Summary report will give you ALL invoices and ALL payments made in a single month or a month/year range.

Remember, in an accrual-based system, “Income” is the receivables, and “Payments” are actual dollars paid.

  1. In the side menu click Business Tools > Invoices & Payments.

  2. Click the Inc & Pay Sum tab.

  3. Select desired time range.

    • Month/Year – This will filter for one month of information.

    • Month/Year Range – This will filter for multiple months.

  4. Click Generate Income & Payment Summary Report.

  5. Optional: Click Export to EXCEL.

Here are what the columns mean.

  • Account Name: Account name, with a line identifying credit memos.

  • Total Income: Sum of all invoices (receivables) to the right.

  • CoA column headers: Amount of invoice for each Chart of Account - In the above screenshot, these are Donations, Late Fee, Pool Use Fee, and Scholarship.

  • Notes – Income Item Credit Note: Summary of all credit notes across all CoAs to the left. Mouse over the date/amount to see the note.

  • Payment Items: Summary of payments posted, with payment type after each date. Mouse over the amount/date to see the check # and what admin or parent posted the payment.

  • Refund Credit Bal Items: Summary of all Credit Balance Refunds (actual monies refunded to account). Mouse over to see note/admin.

  • Refund Credit Balance: Total of all Refund Credit Balances for an account.

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