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Team Billing: Financial Reports Directory
Team Billing: Financial Reports Directory
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These articles contain information to walk you through preparing and viewing Financial Reports. Some articles contain links with more detailed steps if they're needed.

  • Overview: Walkthrough of the Invoices and Payments/Billing Overview tab.

  • Billing Simulation Report: Located within the overview tab, the Billing Simulation Report is an important tool that simulates monthly billing.

  • Income & Payment Summary: The Income & Payment Summary Report [Inc & Pay Sum] provides ALL invoices and ALL payments made in a single month or a month/year range.

  • Income Transaction Report: The Income Transaction Report [Inc Trans Rpt] shows recurring and/or non-recurring charges, along with payments made, for a given date range.

  • Invoice Report: The Invoice Report [Inv Rpt] yields the payments that correlate to what invoices.

  • Payment Summary: The Payment Summary report is used to pull bank reconciliation reports and to track payment amounts by type quickly.

  • Chart of Accounts Summary: The Chart of Accounts Summary report yields the total amounts you have billed out by CoA and the total amounts you have collected by payment method.

  • ACH Status - The ACH Status report shows all of the ACH transactions for the month and their progress.

  • Recurring Invoice Summary: The Recurring Invoice Summary report yields a PDF of monthly summaries of invoice amounts and payments made.

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