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Team Billing: Income Transaction Report
Team Billing: Income Transaction Report
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You must have Admin - SuperUser access to view the income transaction report.

The Income Transaction Report shows recurring and/or non-recurring charges, along with payments made, for a given date range. Remember, in an accrual-based accounting system, “Income” is receivables, and “Payments” means actual dollars paid.

  • Recurring Charges mean invoices are generated automatically using the billing setup module. These are generally related to dues/annual fees/USA fees.

  • Non-Recurring Charges mean invoices generated throughout the month manually by the treasurer. These are generally meet fees, apparel, travel fees, credit invoices, etc.

  1. In the side menu click Business Tools > Invoices & Payments > Inc Trans Rpt tab.

  2. Select your date range.

  3. Select one option:

    • Both Recurring and Non-Recurring Charges

    • Recurring Charges (to view recurring charges only)

    • Non-Recurring Charges (to view non-recurring charges only)

  4. Click Generate Income Transaction Report

  5. If desired, click Export to EXCEL.

What the columns mean:

  • Account: Account Name

  • Payment Detail: Payments made within the date range selection

  • Payments Sub Total: Subtotal of payments made

  • CoA columns: Based on the filter criteria these columns will show all invoices generated based on CoA

  • Transaction Total: Payments – Invoices

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