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The Invoice Report [Inv Rpt] is used to see what payments correlate to what invoices based on the accrual method of accounting. To generate this report,

  1. In the side menu click Business Tools > Invoices & Payments.

  2. Click the Inv Rpt tab.

  3. Select the Month/Year for which to see the data.

  4. If you want to see fees for members in a certain location, select one from the Location dropdown, otherwise leave it as --ALL--. Keep in mind that this goes by what location members are in currently, NOT what location they were in for the time period you are looking up. If a family has members in more than one location, fees for the entire account will be included.

  5. Click the Generate Invoice Report button.

  6. Once it's generated you can click Export to EXCEL or, for even greater detail, Export Posting Data to EXCEL.

If this report is generated in October, it will show the following:

  • All payments made in the month of October (this report is dynamic and will continue to add payments until the last day of October).

  • All non-recurring charges that were generated in the month of September.

  • All recurring charges were generated on October 1st.

This report helps the Treasurer reconcile dollars to total invoices, but will not show which charge categories were used for each payment.

The column headers are:

  • Account Name

  • Prior Invoice Balance: This will be the balance left over from the previous month.

  • Total Invoice Amount: The total of all of the CoA invoices generated for the month.

  • CoA column headers: Breakdown of all invoice charges, including non-recurring and recurring. The total of all the CoA columns will = the Total Invoice Amount column.

  • Payments Items: All payments made during the month (in our scenario it will be all Oct. payments), with the amount, date, and payment method. Hover over a payment to see the check # and who posted it.

  • Refund Items: All monies refunded to the account with the amount, date, and refund payment method. Hover over a refund to see who posted it.

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