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Team Billing: Payment Summary Report
Team Billing: Payment Summary Report
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The Payment Summary report can be used for:

  • Bank reconciliation reports

  • Bank deposit form

  • Quickly tracking payment amounts by type

To generate:

  1. In the side menu click Business Tools > Invoices & Payments.

  2. Click the Payment Sum tab.

  3. Select the Beginning Date and End Date to see the payment detail for.

  4. Optionally select a Location.

    • When selecting a location, if an account has members in multiple locations, please note that the payments for the entire account are shown. Locations are tied to members, not accounts, and payments are applied to the entire account balance, not the specific members/locations.

  5. Click the Generate Payment Summary Report button.

  6. Once it's generated you can click Export to EXCEL if desired.

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