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Team Billing: Chart of Accounts Summary
Team Billing: Chart of Accounts Summary
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The Chart of Account Summary report [CoA Sum] shows the total amounts billed out by each Chart of Account, and the totals collected by payment method.

  1. In the side menu click Business Tools > Invoices & Payments.

  2. Click the CoA Sum tab.

  3. Select either a Month/Year range or Date Range.

  4. To see fees for members in a certain Location, select one from the Location dropdown, otherwise leave it as --ALL--. Keep in mind that this goes by what location members are in currently, NOT what location they were in for the time period you are looking up. If a family has members in more than one location, fees for the entire account will be included.

  5. Click Generate CoA Summary Report.

  6. Optional: After generating the report you can click Export to EXCEL.

What each part means:

  • Total Income: Above this are the invoices you billed out by chart of account, totaled by month.

  • Total Paid: Above this are the amounts people paid by payment method, totaled by month.

  • Total Income - Total Paid: Exactly what it says so you can see the difference.

  • Total (far right column): Total of each row.

CoA Sum screen

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