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UK Workforce Training Certifications Introduction
UK Workforce Training Certifications Introduction
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SwimOffice provides a feature called Workforce to track and organise your non-swimmer members with their role(s), certifications, expiry dates, and more. (For more info on training requirements and classes, see Swim England DBS FAQs and the ASA Awarding Body.)

To start leveraging this feature, you must designate at least one admin as a Workforce Admin. This admin then has the ability to designate any number of members as Workforce members, whether paid or volunteer.

Next, the Workforce Admin will add roles to Workforce members for which they are responsible, such as Head Coach, Judge, or Referee. The Admin can choose from predefined roles or create their own.

The Workforce Admin can then add any training courses to a role, such as the Diving Referees Course, Judge 2, and Safeguarding & Protecting Children. Each role has fields for Certification Date, Expiry Date, Reference, and the ability to upload a certificate.

They can choose from a list of predefined courses or create their own.

Finally, Workforce Admins can use filters to look for Workforce members who meet certain criteria, see whose credentials have—or are about to—expire, and more. The system will email Workforce Admin(s) to let them know when any Workforce member safeguarding and DBS certifications are within 90, 60, or 30 days of expiring or have expired. In addition, when editing members, roles are gray when incomplete, green when information is complete and current, and red when an expiry date has passed.

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