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OVC stands for Official Verification Card. Suppose a USA swimmer competes in a high school meet, trying for a particular cut-off time for a future USA championship meet. It is his or his coach's responsibility to have the necessary USA officials and timers at the high school meet so that his/her swim is correctly judged and timed according to USA Rules. If all is done correctly, the athlete is issued an OVC card to verify the performance. A swimmer may be marked as being an OVC Athlete on the Athlete Entries, Scratch Pad by ATHLETE and Scratch Pad by EVENT screens. Once this is done, a special SD3 file can be produced (select 03 OVC for the File Type on the File > Export SD3 Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS screen) of only these athletes which may be supplied to the proper office to confirm his/her performance. You may also check the OVC Only box on the Meet Results screen. For all USA Swimming sanctioned meets simply leave all athletes defaulted to unchecked. The OVC is only necessary in cases where you have a few USAS registered athletes among a majority of non-USA registered athletes.

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