TouchPad: Relay Entries
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To access Relay Team Entries screen, either click Relay Entries on the main TouchPad screen, or in the Athlete Entries screen, select the Relays radio button above the events, then click a View or ADD button in the events grid if one appears.

View or add athlete to relay in TouchPad

To enter a team in a relay event,

  1. In the Relay Events list at the top, click the desired event.

  2. In the upper left Teams list, click a team > Add (or double click the team).

  3. On the Relay Info screen, enter the relay letter and any other desired selections, then click OK.

    TouchPad Relay Info screen
  4. If you want to designate the swimmers in that relay, click the relay just added to the event, and in the lower left Athletes list either drag and drop or double click on swimmer names to add them to the Relay Legs list.

  5. You can also drag and drop the names already in the Relay Legs list in order to get them in the correct positions.

  6. Continue this for as many relay entries as you need.

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