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TouchPad: Quality points / quality team scoring
TouchPad: Quality points / quality team scoring
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Quality points (AKA quality team scoring or quality club scoring) refer to a style of team scoring designed to balance the team scores based on the sizes of the teams so as to better compare large and small teams.

To access this,

  1. Click the Score menu.

  2. Make sure Score Teams is selected in the Team or Individual section.

  3. Check the Print Quality Point Team Totals checkbox.

TouchPad has two options for quality scoring, seen in the first box of the dialog window.

Quality Team Scoring

In the first method, the total points earned by each team is divided by the number of SWIMS (splashes) by that team. A "swim" is a swimmer who competed even though they may have been disqualified. A scratch (SCR) is NOT counted as a splash, nor are exhibition swimmers. So this becomes the total number of points divided by the total number of races from each team.

In the second method (selected in the screenshot), the total points for each team are divided by the number of participating SWIMMERS from that team.

For either of these choice, you may also specify the minimum size team able to score in the dropdown at the bottom. If, for example, you specify a minimum size as 10, then only teams with 10 or more swimmers will be assigned scores.

Finally, in the second box, in keeping with the option to score prelims as extended finals, you may either only include swimmers in finals when calculating quality team scores (first option) or include both the prelim and finals swimmers (second option).

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