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Syncing TouchPad/SwimOffice/OnDeck information flow
Syncing TouchPad/SwimOffice/OnDeck information flow
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Admin Level - TouchPad PC & Email/Print/Calendar

This is roughly the order of actions needed to make your meet entries and results flow between TouchPad, SwimOffice, and OnDeck.

  1. TouchPad - Create your meet and then sync to your SwimOffice site: File > Sync to SwimOffice

  2. SwimOffice - Accept your invitation > Enter your athletes > Sync entries to TouchPad

  3. TouchPad - Sync entries

  4. OnDeck - > Events > Events & Meet Entries > tap ENTRIES by meet to see your entered athletes

  5. TouchPad - When you have completed seeding for the meet sync this information to SwimOffice using the File > Sync to SwimOffice

  6. OnDeck - > Events > Events & Meet Entries > tap RUN by meet to see the Heat and Lane assignments populated from TouchPad

  7. TouchPad - When your meet is done sync to SwimOffice.

  8. SwimOffice - Go to your event (past/archived) and release official results

  9. OnDeck - > Events > Events & Meet Entries > Meet Results

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