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TouchPad: Set up meet for Not USA Registered athletes
TouchPad: Set up meet for Not USA Registered athletes
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SwimOffice Admin - TouchPad PC Admin

When you host a meet approved or observed by USA Swimming, you may want to allow athletes not registered with USA Swimming to participate (sanctioned USA Swimming meets only allow registered USA Swimming members to compete). The first step is to set up the meet as either a High School/College meet or YMCA meet in TouchPad. (Note: All athletes are treated as registered in Age Group Meets.)

  1. If you are creating the meet from scratch, click File > Start New Meet (or type Ctrl+N).

  2. To edit the current existing meet, click File > Edit Meet Setup (or type Ctrl+S).

  3. In the "Meet Type" section select either High School/College or YMCA.

  4. Fill out or update all other fields as needed.

  5. Click OK.

For TU teams that have designated certain swimmers as Not USA Registered in Account/Member Admin, they will show as such in TouchPad on the Athlete Entries screen when they sync their entries. Note that their ID will show as N/A. This is intentional.

If a TU team manually creates an entries file and the host imports it using Entry Manager, Not USA Registered athletes will not be flagged as such. You will need to manually set them as Not USA Registered on the Athlete Entries screen. Then generate an Entry Report and give it to the host to make this easier because the report will automatically list Not USA Registered athletes. However, the best practice is to use TU Sync instead.

For teams using Team Manager, Not USA Registered athletes typically do not have an athlete ID. After importing their entries in Entry Manager, athletes with blank IDs will be automatically flagged as Not USA Registered. Any Not USA Registered athletes from teams like that who do have an ID will need to be manually flagged as Not USA Registered in TouchPad.

High School/College meets do not require athletes to have a date of birth; only their first and last names are required. When importing athletes with no date of birth set, TouchPad will internally assign them today's date as their date of birth, effectively making them age zero. You will not see their age displayed, and TouchPad Live Results will show "--" for their age when their age is less than one.

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