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TouchPad: Entry Manager - Import SD3 Entries, Rosters, Meet Results
TouchPad: Entry Manager - Import SD3 Entries, Rosters, Meet Results
Updated over a week ago

While it is still available for use, we have discontinued additional enhancements to the Touchpad tool. That said, it is still supported by our Customer Support team by way of setup questions, meet questions, entry questions, and general usage questions. If you run into any issues with the tool, please let us know.

SwimOffice Admin - Super User / TouchPad Admin

Entry Manager is used to import entries files, rosters and results into your TouchPad meet. With our innovative interface you can view details about your meet entries in advance of actually importing them. View exceptions, review changes to seed times, preview your timeline before you commit a new athlete or update an entry, enforce qualifying times, overwrite existing team entries, or do not import NT entries.

To use the Entry Manager do the following:

  1. Open TouchPad.

  2. Click the Entry Manager tab.

  3. Click the "File" section drop-down and select a file type to import--Entries, Roster, or Meet Results for seed times.

  4. Click Browse... and navigate to the file you want and double-click it.

  5. Follow the prompts to confirm data settings are correct.

  6. Once loaded your entries will automatically populate the entry grid.

  7. You can select a specific team's entries or view all by selecting them in the "Teams" menu.

  8. Apply desired Options and click Import Now when ready.

Once this import has been completed, TouchPad will run the Meet Entries report, but if multiple teams were entered, you can also run a Meet Entries report for just one team. Generate from Meet Reports > Meet Entries. You can select a specific team by using the "Team" filter.

Below is a description of each section of the screen.

1. File

  • Select a file type from the drop-down:

    1. Entries — Select to bring in any entries file.

    2. Roster — Select to bring in any SD3, CL2 or ZIP roster file. If you want to import a roster from SwimOffice, read the Knowledge Base article on importing a roster into TouchPad if needed, but the best practice is to use the Sync feature with teams when possible.

    3. Meet Results for seed times — Select to bring in a new results file to update any team's current entries with new seed times.

  • Remember location — Saves the file directory location for the next time you click Browse...

  • View imported SD3 files — Find an Entries file for this meet that you already imported.

  • Browse... — Navigate to the file you want and double-click it. You do not need to unzip the entry file prior to opening it in Entry Manager.

2. Options

These options can be selected before or after browsing for a file.

  • Update seed times only — Select this option if a team is not allowed new entries but they have new seed times.

  • Event # must match — The best way to ensure that entries are imported into the correct event is to match on event numbers. If all teams are using TouchPad, the events will match exactly. If not, it's possible the event numbers will not match. If this option is not selected TouchPad will try to find the correct matching event based on distance, stroke, gender, age group, and in some cases division.

  • Only import relays — Use this option to import a second entry file that contains updated relay legs and you don't want to allow ANY changes to the existing individual events. Note: This only replaces swimmer names or adds swimmers to an empty leg. If you have a swimmer in a relay leg on TouchPad and the import file does not, it will leave the swimmer and not overwrite with an empty leg.

  • Only import the selected team — Use this when you only want to import entries/rosters/results for a selected team. A team must be selected in the "Teams" section for this option to work. Selecting this will enable the ability to Delete and overwrite entries.

  • Delete and overwrite entries — This will delete the previous import and re-import an entirely new entries file. Use this option if you know the team has made changes to any piece of the entries file.

  • Enforce qualifying times — If you have qualifying times for your meet, then check this box to not include NT times and times that do not meet the qualification time for each event. Note: When importing entries based on qualifying times that can be from any of the three courses (Yards, LCM, or SCM), an Exception Report is created that filters the non-qualifying entries based on the actual course. The only case where a converted time is compared is when the event is a 1650, 1000, or 500 and the time is a LCM or SCM time.

  • Do not import NT's — Select this option if your meet does not allow No Time entries.

3. Preview Timeline

Once you upload an entries file, you can generate a preview of the timeline for the meet to ensure you are able to import all entries for this team.

4. Display filters

  • Display Settings — Click to change the font size of the tables in Entry Manager. Choose from Small, Medium or Large and click Done.

  • You can resize the row and column grids inside of the main display. To do so, simply drag and drop the grid lines between the row or column headers to the appropriate size. This works just like in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Status — Select which options in the "Status" column to view. Choose from All, Imports & Updates (helpful if you are importing an updated entries file), or Exceptions.

  • Entry​ — Select what kind of rows to view. Choose from All, Athletes, Individual, or Relays.

  • Current Entry Time — Displays that column when checked, the seeded time, right next to the "New Entry Time" column so you can compare the two.

  • Ev #(Entry File) — Displays that column, the entry file event #, to compare with the TouchPad Event #. Use if importing from a non-TouchPad team to ensure you are matching event #s correctly.

  • Qual Times — Select this to show the qualifying times for each event.

5. Reasons for not importing (Details)

Entry Manager makes sure the data in files are error-free and provides insight into the import status. The reasons for errors could be based on data it reads from the uploaded SD3 file, or based upon knowledge Entry Manager has of the existing meet, entries, and athletes. Here is a sampling of possible messages.

  • Event not found

  • Only relays will be imported

  • No new entries allowed

  • Event number in SD3 does not match meet event number

  • Does not qualify for event

  • Will not import without associated event entries

  • Entry or athlete deleted

  • New entry or athlete imported

  • Entry or athlete updated

  • Could not find Relay Athlete

  • NT Entries will not be imported

  • Team name or code already exists in the meet

  • Athlete ID already exists (in SD3 or meet)

6. Status Color Key

  • Green — Will be imported

  • Red — Will not be imported

  • Yellow — Will be updated

  • Purple — Successfully imported or updated

7. Exception Report

Select a specific team under "Teams" and click Exception Report to generate a report of the exceptions that occurred with their entry file.

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