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TouchPad: Import/export records
TouchPad: Import/export records
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The Event Records screen allows you to import a records group created in other meets, and export records group(s) in the current meet for use in other meets. Pull up Event Records by clicking the Events menu, then clicking the Event Records button in the upper right.

Import Records Group

Click the Import Records Group button, navigate to where a records group file is, and double-click it. The records group(s) will be added to the list of records groups currently used in the meet. There are two types of files you can import:

  1. A tab-delimited text file created in prior versions of TouchPad. This file type contains a single records group.

  2. An XML file that can contain one or more sets of record groups.

Given that a records group file can contain a completely different set of events than those in the current meet, the importer will attempt to match events in the file with those in the meet. Here are the conditions:

  1. The order of events in the file vs. the meet is irrelevant. If the file has, say, a 9-10 male 50 free record and the meet does too, it will import the record and match it to that event in the meet.

  2. The course in the file must match the meet course. It will not import a SCY records group into an LCM meet, for example.

  3. If the file has a record that does not exist in the meet, it will not import that record. Rather, it will skip it and continue attempting to import the rest of the records.

Export Records Group

Event Records

Select one or more records groups in the top grid, click Export Records Group, then name the file (default name is TouchPad_Records.xml) and click Save. It will save the selected group(s) to an XML file (TouchPad no longer saves them in the text file format). You can import this file into other meets and share it with others to do the same.

Important: As mentioned, the default filename when exporting is TouchPad_Records.xml. This will OVERWRITE ANY EXISTING RECORDS GROUP FILE NAMED THE SAME. Make sure to change the filename before saving to avoid this.

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