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The Athlete Entries screen allows you to see all athletes and teams in the meet, edit and delete existing athletes, manually add new athletes, enter athletes in and scratch them from events. Click Athlete Entries on the main TouchPad screen to access.

1. Search and filter

Use the drop-down menus and radio buttons to filter and sort. Use the Athlete Search field to type a name or Code# (seen in 2 below in red for each athlete).

2. Athlete data

If you change any of the data, when you move to a different athlete it will confirm if you want to save the changes you made.

  • Code# field—Athletes are assigned Code #s automatically. You may use these code numbers in the Athlete Search field (see 1 above), and to quickly print their individual results after the meet (Meet Results > Single Competitor Results).

  • Preferred Name field—On the Meet Setup screen, check the Use Preferred First Names check box to use this instead of the first name throughout the program.

  • Enter/Edit Team Data button—Useful if any team's data is incorrect. If you need to add a new team, click this button, fill in their data, and click Add Team.

  • Add New Athlete button—This will blank out the athlete data fields and make Save/Cancel buttons appear so you can enter an athlete who is not in a roster. It will use the currently selected Team. You may enter an athlete's name and team with NO events if you wish. This athlete will then be in the meet and available for relays.

3. Events and navigation

View the events the athlete is in (highlighted in red for females, blue for males), and navigate from athlete to athlete with the Previous and Next buttons.

  • Entries radio buttons—Selecting Relay will show relay events with the ability to click View or ADD which will bring up the Relay Entries screen.

    View or add athlete to relay in TouchPad
  • Scratch All button—Scratch athlete from all events in which they are entered pre-meet. You cannot scratch from here if they already swam any of the events; you can only do so on the Enter Results screen.

  • SCR column—Scratch athlete from the selected event pre-meet. You cannot scratch from here if they already swam the event; you can only do so on the Enter Results screen.

  • OVC column—Designates the athlete as requesting an Official Verification Card from a USA Swimming official for a specific event. This is not needed for a USAS-sanctioned meet; you only need to check it where you have a few USA-registered athletes among a majority of non-USA-registered athletes. See OVC Athletes for more info.

  • EXH column—Checking a box in this column makes it an exhibition event for this athlete, where they are seeded by their entry time but are NOT eligible to score, earn awards or qualify for further rounds in the meet (i.e., cannot qualify for finals).

  • Seed column—Enter a time to enter the athlete in that event, or N or NT for no time. DO NOT enter any punctuation. The last digit typed is assumed to be the hundredth place so entering 12345 will be punctuated for you as 1:23.45. DO NOT enter leading zeroes, just enter 5432 for 54.32 for example. This can also be done in Enter By EVENT Number to the right (see 5 below).

    To remove a swimmer from an event simply blank out their seed time.

4. Reports and help

  • Meet Reports button—This brings up the same window as the Meet Reports menu on the main screen.

  • Terminology Used Here button—Brief help screen.

5. Enter By EVENT Number

For the athlete currently visible, use this to quickly enter them in one or more events. Enter the Event # from those listed for the athlete (or even an event not listed if they are swimming up an age group) and fill in the other values (again, do not enter punctuation for times), then press Enter or Tab. That event will jump up to the list of other events they are in and be highlighted the same color as the others. Check Convert Times as entered and you can enter an LCM time, for example, and have it converted to a SCY time.

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