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TouchPad: Manually adding results for a meet
TouchPad: Manually adding results for a meet
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  1. Go to Enter Results.

  2. Select 'None' for your timing system.

  3. You will see your events located at the top with the ability to go to previous and next as needed.

  4. Select the radio box ' Average Watch Times' if you need that functionality.

    1. If you are using Average Watch Times enter in the first watch time and it will populate on the bottom Left. Select enter and type in your 2nd watch time and then enter and your third. You can do up to 5 watch times and on your fifth enter it will put the average into the Time column.

  5. To enter in the time place your curse to the right of the H/L of the athlete in the time column and type in your time. Type 12345 and enter. TouchPad will place all designator so your time will be; 1:23.45.

  6. Enter in DQ for disqualified and select the dropdown to the right to chose the code.

  7. Enter in SCR for scratch.

  8. Enter in NS for no show.

  9. When you have entered in all of your times select 'Next Event' to move to the next event or use any of the reporting functionality as needed.

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