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TouchPad: Event type preferences
TouchPad: Event type preferences
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SwimOffice Admin - TouchPad PC

Events for your meet must be entered before proceeding to other choices from the main screen.

By choosing to make an event a PRELIM/FINAL event, you will trigger the automatic Circular Seeding for such an event.

  1. You may choose to seed SLOW-FAST or FAST-SLOW. Generally the former is chosen since the fastest usually swims last.

Event Type

  1. Select your event type - Standard, Time Trial, or Swim Off.

  2. You may choose the number of lanes for each event.

After clicking on all the choices for a particular event, just click the ADD/CHANGE button and that event is added to the list below. If you are running male and female events, then clicking again adds the same event of the opposite gender.

Circle Seeding: A method of “seeding” swimmers in a swimming event that enables the fastest swimmers entered in that event to compete in the center lanes in order to experience less resistance (drag) in the water. Entrants in the event with the fastest times are placed in the two center lanes of each heat; entrants in the event with the next fastest times are then placed in the two outside adjacent lanes of the center lanes of each heat, etc. This seeding method is most often utilized in championship meets with a prelim/final format.

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