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TouchPad: Meet Time Estimate
TouchPad: Meet Time Estimate
Updated over a week ago

Meet Time Estimate is a manual entry to adjust the timeline of the meet. This function is helpful to ensure your meet will end on time.

  1. Enter in Number of Lanes (default is 6), Seconds Between Heats (default is 30), Seconds Before Backstroke Heat (default is 0), and Seconds Between Events (default is 45).

  2. Click Generate Time Estimate NOW or Export to Excel.

  3. A time estimate will generate based on the number of athletes with synced entries.

  4. The host will be able to ensure the meet can be run in the time allotted.

  5. Update the times and click Generate Estimate NOW or Export to Excel to generate a different meet time estimate.

  6. Go to the Invited Teams tab to make adjustments as needed based on the time estimate.

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