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TouchPad: Import Meet Entries Into TouchPad (non-syncing teams)
TouchPad: Import Meet Entries Into TouchPad (non-syncing teams)
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SwimOffice Admin - TouchPad Admin

For teams that do not use SwimOffice software or cannot sync to TouchPad, you will need to import their SD3 meet entry files into TouchPad.

  1. Open TouchPad.

  2. Click the Entry Manager tab

  3. Click Browse and navigate to the file you want and double-click it.

    • You can preserve the file directory location by clicking Remember location.

    • If you need to find an already imported Entries file for this meet simply click the View imported SD3 files link.

  4. Once selected, your entries will automatically populate the entry grid.

  5. You can select a specific team's entries or view all by selecting them in the "Teams" menu.

  6. Apply desired options and click Import Now when ready.

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