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TouchPad: Connect Your Timing Console
TouchPad: Connect Your Timing Console
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SwimOffice Admin - TouchPad PC

If you are using a USB to COM (serial) port connector you will need to know the COM number that Windows assigns to that COM port. This number may be different each time you plug into the USB port or any time you restart your computer. If the directions do not work below be sure to use your Windows help or even the Internet will have great steps to COM port discovery.

If you need to buy a USB to COM connector, we recommend the USB Serial Adapter - Ultimate, as we have tested and verified that it works correctly.

Windows 10

  1. Plug your USB-COM cable into your computer.

  2. Type Device Manager in the "Search the web and Windows" bar at the bottom.

  3. Click Device Manager in the list that appears.

  4. Click > next to Ports.

  5. The USB to COM cable should show along with the COM port number that has been assigned.

  6. Make a note of this number.

In TouchPad

  1. Click Enter Results. If a window does not appear where you can select your timer, click Timer Settings.

  2. Select your Type of Electronic Timer from that dropdown.

  3. Click the Timer UsingCom Port # dropdown and select the number you noted above.

  4. See Timer Settings for other settings on this window.

  5. Click OK.

If you have Colorado/Daktronic 2000 & 6000

  1. Click Electronic Timer > Upload Events to Timer > Make your timer selection.

  2. Finalize connection.

Test the connection before the meet starts.

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