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TouchPad: Set meet sessions - add days and sessions
TouchPad: Set meet sessions - add days and sessions
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Meet Sessions, AKA sequences, are required for each meet. Use them to implement a list of events in a particular order with certain properties. You can create as many sessions as necessary for each meet.

  1. Click the Events menu.

  2. Click Set MEET Sessions button on the left.

  3. Click Create a Session on the right, fill in the data, and click OK.

    • Create as many logical groups of sessions as needed, such as one for each day/session, or one for speed events, and one for distance.

    • Enter the Session Warm-Up Time to ensure your warm-up totals and meet duration printouts from heat sheets are correct.

    • Sessions can be used to specify the printing order of events for your heat sheets and results and can be used for the result processing order and meet timeline generation. For instance, you would set a session up for a timeline that would include 90 seconds in between each heat. This will then produce a timeline for the meet showing when each event/heat will begin.

    • The session specifications will override any other choices that you might make. For instance, in the Heat Sheets you can choose different options but the session will override any competing information.

  4. Click a session at the top, and then either double-click or drag and drop events from the Event List on the left to the SESSION on the right. Click All Remaining to quickly place all events in the Event List into the selected session.

  5. The FMT column cells default to H for the heat sheet. To change to P for the psych sheet, click the H, delete and type P. If you enter P these events will not create heat/lane assignments. For example,

    • Enter a P for Distance events so they don't show create H/L assignments when seeded.

    • To create H/L assignments you must change the P to H in the session and reseed.

  6. Enter a number in the BREAK column, such as 1 for a one-minute break, 2 for a two-minute break, and so on.

  7. Under ORDER adjust your event numbers if you will be moving events around in the session. If you make event 6 order 1 then the other events will adjust accordingly.

  8. Double-click an event number under the session to remove.

  9. Click Exit when finished.

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