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After setting up your meet, you then need to add all the events in the meet.

  1. In the main menu, click Events.

  2. Start left to right, making your selections for each event.

    • Select your Rounds (circle seeding is the default if you select Prelim/Final).

    • Select your Seed Order for both Prelims and Finals.

    • Select your Event Type.

    • Note: TouchPad does not allow you to create an individual medley relay, as that doesn't really exist. You may create either an individual medley (Type: Individual, Stroke: Indiv. Med.) or a medley relay (Type: Relay, Stroke: Medley Relay).

    • Ensure you implement your Entry Fee.

    • Check Score Prelims as extended Finals to include prelim swimmers in finals scoring. When scoring has more places than there are swimmers in a final event, it will include swimmers from the prelim round to fill up all the places. This is helpful when all the heats in finals cannot be completed. Or if you score to 10 places but there are only six lanes in the final round, then places 7-10 will include prelim swimmers with the next fastest times after the winners of the final.

  3. Click Add/Change Active Event #x to implement selections.

  4. This will advance the event number and switch the Gender (if Alternate Gender as entered is checked), allowing you to click Add/Change Active Event #x again to add the same event for the opposite gender.

  5. To edit an event, select it in the list at the bottom, adjust selections and then click Add/Change Active Event #x.

  6. Click Create/Edit Multi-Age Events if necessary (these are events in which multiple age groups compete in the same event but are separated for awards, labels, and scoring).

  7. Click Set Sequences and define those.

  8. Click Exit.

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