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TouchPad Meet Is Not Showing Athlete Times on SwimOffice
TouchPad Meet Is Not Showing Athlete Times on SwimOffice
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Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar and TouchPad PC Admin

If you cannot see any times in SwimOffice for your athletes in a TouchPad meet, please check the following.


  1. Ensure, on File > Edit Meet Setup, your Use Times Since date is appropriate for your meet. If it's today, there will be no times available. We suggest 1/1/1970 to ensure all historical times will be seen.

  2. Once you set this, sync by clicking File > Sync Now to SwimOffice. This will update all meets with the new date. Please notify administrators.


If you have already entered athletes on SwimOffice, you will need to use the Update Best Times function so the system goes back to the database and finds those times based on that date range.

  1. In the side menu, click Events & Competition > Team Events.

  2. Click your desired event’s Edit Commitment button.

  3. Click the Committed Athletes tab.

  4. Click the Update Times link under the "Export" section.

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