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How to Export TouchPad Meet Results for Non-TeamUnify Teams
How to Export TouchPad Meet Results for Non-TeamUnify Teams
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For non-TeamUnify teams, as well as the SWIMS database and LSCs, you need to be able to export meet results and other data in the SD3 file format so they can import them into their program.

  1. Click File > Export > SD3/Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS.

  2. Select the desired File Typefrom that dropdown. This will insert the numerical code in the A0 line of the file based on the USAS SDIF File/Transmission Type code.

    • 01 Meet Registrations Check - LSCs use this file to make sure all athletes in the meet are accurately in their athlete registration file

    • 01 Times Recon Report - Similar to the above report, LSCs use this to verify both USA registrations and entry times

    • 02 Meet Results - Standard meet results; the most common selection

    • 03 OVC - Include only results for athletes marked as OVC Athletes in the results

    • 09 LSC Best Times

    • 16 Top 16

  3. If you want to generate results only for the selected team in the left list, check Export ONE team.

  4. If you only want certain events included, uncheck Export ALL Events, then enter the desired event range in the Start and End fields.

  5. Make any other desired adjustments.

  6. Click Export Data.

  7. If you selected any other File Type besides 02, it will warn you that you aren't exporting standard meet results. Click No to change your selection, or Yes if that's what you meant.

  8. If you checked Export ONE team,

    1. Make any modifications in the One Team dialog and click Continue.

    2. Change the file name and location if desired, then click Save.

  9. If you exported results, attach the results zip folder to your site or email it to teams that are not on the platform.

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