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How to Test and Open a Registration
How to Test and Open a Registration
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To view the steps to open the registration, click here.

Test a Registration

Within Registration Admin, ensure that the registration title is red. If it's not, select the registration and click Set as Current. Click the "Registration Title" to ensure the registration is open.

The registration title page comes up. There should be a red banner at the top stating that the registration is off and only available to Super Users. A user will click Continue or Check Status to either begin the registration process or check their registration status.

  • If someone is not logged in and clicks Continue or Check Status, they will be taken to a login screen or create a new account. If a new account is needed, an email and date of birth are required.

Account Setup

If a returning user's Account information is complete, they will go to the Member Selection. New and returning users with incomplete account Information are required to complete it before continuing.

  • If a user is new, they will need to create a password.

  • They are prompted to fill out required information such as email address, billing information, parent/guardians, insurance, and emergency info before they're allowed to continue.

  • If a user has an outstanding balance, they will see View Billing History, or I’ve reviewed the Billing History & want to Proceed. Their due balance will be combined with their current registration and charged at checkout.

Member Selection

  • The content added to the Member Selection Msg tab is displayed here.

  • The user can click Edit Account Info if anything has changed from their last registration.

  • If needed, users can click Add Member, fill out the form, and click Add.

  • Any previously registered athlete and their approval status will appear in the Submitted Registration section. Click View Receipt to see the details.

Member Registration

  1. Click the checkbox by a Member’s Name to register them. They will verify information, like birthdays, and names, and select the location, payment options, and registration group. If a Swimmer ID has meet results, the user can't edit the gray fields seen below and need to contact a Team Super User to do so.

  2. If you are a USA Swimming team and [Ask USA Swimming Transfer Question] Entry Field is set to YES in the Basic Setup tab, users see Are you transferring from another team? If the user selects YES, a red [T] for "Transfer" by the athlete's name is visible in Manage registration.

  3. Register to this Group lets the user select a Registration Group and Payment Options. Click View Details to see a description of each registration group including name, payment options (if defined), age range, availability, and a description.

  4. If the user selects a Registration Group with USA Swimming Reg set to Required, they will be prompted to register at the end of the registration.

  5. The Additional Fee/Discount Question and required/not required Waivers also appear on the Member Selection page.

  6. After entering all information, answering questions, and agreeing to waivers, click the Continue button to move to Fees Summary.

Fees Summary

In the Fees Summary, the user will confirm their information and can edit it if needed. If updating information, click Add/Edit Members. Click Proceed to Checkout to continue to the Payment screen.


In the Payment area, the user sees the registration total and any processing fees. They can click Edit Registration or Edit Cart.

Below, the Billing Details are visible.

  • Credit card payers can + Add New Card, fill in the CC details, click Next, or click Use this card if they already have one on file.

  • Once a card is added/selected, they will enter the CVV. If you made it optional to Allow Credit Card to be saved for Auto Pay in the Accepted Payment Methods, they can select YES to save it. Finally, they will click Submit Registration.

  • Check payers and Custom Payment payers can edit their billing info and will see payment instructions. They will click Submit Registration when ready.

Submit Registration takes the user to the final Success area. In test mode, you will not be able to submit it, but we will show you what it looks like.

Once submitted, the user is congratulated on signing up with the team.

  • Members who pay by check will be placed on the waitlist until payment is received. Messaging shows where to send the check.

  • A link to a Print-friendly Receipt is available.

  • Your personalized success message is displayed, defined in the Success tab of the Basic Setup page.

  • The user is finished with the Online Registration process, their information and payment captured, and ready to start the season.

Open the Registration

Prepare database

If running a new seasonal or new annual Registration, and no swimmers are currently swimming or active, the best practice to get the member database prepared for the season. If there are active swimmers or have a year-round team with no breaks, skip this step. This step involves changing “Active” members’ status to “Waiting for Approval,” which organizes your members for the registration process. This makes managing easier to quickly organize who is returning for the new year and which members are no longer active.

  1. Click Team Admin > Registration Admin.

  2. By the desired registration, click Manage.

  3. Click the Not Registered tab — this displays all accounts that have not yet registered.

  4. If needed, set the “Member Status” drop-down to *Active and click Search.

  5. Check the box(s) by the “Member” column header. This toggles all of the checkboxes ON for all accounts listed.

    • If any Coaches or Board Members are present, they will also be changed to a status of Waiting for Approval. Uncheck their names.

  6. Click Multi-Change Member Status.

  7. Check the box “Change Member Status” and select Waiting For Approval from the drop-down.

  8. Click Save Changes for ALL Members listed NOW.

All of the previously registered members are now set to Waiting for Approval. Once the registration process has finished and the season is underway, easily run through these steps again and move all members who did not register for this season to Suspended.

Turn on the Registration

  1. Click Team Admin > Registration Admin.

  2. Click the current Registration’s Name.

  3. Set “Turn on for Registration” to YES.

  4. Look over the registration dates for New and Returning Members to make sure the desired registration dates are set.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.

  6. Once saved, ensure the registration is Current.

    • It should appear in RED.

Send account logins via email

To ensure parents have the correct account information, email the parents' login information. If you are a brand new team, had us upload your member database, and this is the first registration, you need to do this step as well.

  1. Click Team Admin > Account/Member Admin.

  2. Click Customize Filters.

  3. Click Account Status.

  4. Select Active and Waiting for Approval.

    • Select any other Account Statuses that should register for the team as well.

  5. Click Done.

  6. Select all accounts — Click the check box next to the Last Name column header.

    • The number of accounts at the top of the page should match the number of selected accounts shown in (Blue).

  7. Click Communicate > Email Login > OK.

Promote the Registration

  1. Navigate to Team Admin > Registration Admin.

  2. Click the current Registration’s Name.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the Email Promo tab.

  4. Click the cursor in the promo text and select all (press Ctrl+A on Windows or Command+A on a Mac).

  5. Copy the text (press Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on a Mac).

  6. Go back to Registration Admin.

  7. Locate the current registration and click Manage.

  8. Click the Not Registered tab at the top of the page.

    1. This displays all accounts that have not yet registered.

  9. If needed, set the “Member Status” drop-down to --ALL Non-Canceled-- and click Search.

  10. Select all names by checking the top checkbox.

  11. Click Email.

    • The Send Mail to Members screen will open. This message will be sent to all accounts selected in the previous step.

  12. Fill out the Subject line.

  13. Add in any needed CC or BCC contacts, with each email address separated by a comma.

    • If this is the first registration and there is no import account database, it is easy to enter a list of contacts. Copy and paste addresses into the CC or BCC field and separate them by commas.

    • Be aware that many email hosts will flag the email as spam if you put more than ten addresses in the BCC field.

  14. On the top right of your screen, check the box to Enable Tracking of this email.

  15. If needed, add Attachments.

  16. Add the email Message.

    • Delete the default text here and replace it with the desired message. If the Email Promo was copied, paste it here (Ctrl+V on Windows, Command+V on Mac).

    • If Login Instructions were sent out, including that “Account login information was sent in a previous email.”

  17. Click the Email NOW button to send and click OK on the prompt to confirm.

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