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Mobile: How to Manage Class Start/Drop Dates
Mobile: How to Manage Class Start/Drop Dates
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If the class has Start/Drop Dates enabled, the member's status can be reviewed, and their start/drop date may be edited from the mobile app.

How to View Start/Drop Classes From Account Detail

  1. In the upper left corner, tap the hamburger icon or slide right to open the navigation menu.

  2. Tap Membership > Accounts/Members.

  3. Make sure you are on the Accounts tab. If not, tap Accounts.

  4. Find the Account. Tap on the Account name.

  5. Tap Classes.

  6. You can view the Start and Drop dates for each class.

How to Edit a Start/Drop Date From Account Detail

  1. For the correct class, next to the Start/Drop Date, tap the calendar icon for either date.

  2. Choose a new start or drop date. Tap Save.

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